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singlesSingles Prepare!
Before You Say "I Do"

Pastors Frank & Joe Summerfield

God-Where-is-My-Boaz"Ladies of VPAF, don't be discouraged by the negative things you see on the surface. Your patience and obedience will lead you to your true blessing."

#1 Bestseller
Stephan Labossiere



"Your website is very inspiring" ... " There is no way you're going to convince a man you're dating that you could be his wife if you're sleeping with a man that is not your husband ... even if he's the man"

Christine Pembleton


The Best Sex of My Life

"Regardless of your past errors, mistakes or poor choices, by God's grace you can be restored, renewed and transformed. All things are possible ! You are worth the wait..."

Dr. Lindsay Marsh


Women, Stop the Chase

"But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness, and all these things shall be added unto you." When we put God first, we can never go wrong. He will bless us in ways we never dream possible.

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Dr. Mary Gillman
Amazon #1 Best Selling Author

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She That Findeth

What happens when a 35 year old woman gets tired of waiting on God for a husband and sets out to find one herself? You get bestselling author, Kim Brooks', latest novel, She That Findeth. Shenita waited faithfullly for years...but the time for waiting is over.

Kim Brooks - Author of, "He's Fine...but is he Saved? and sequel, "He's Saved...but is He For Real?"



Chloe Speaks on Self-Esteem

"When we teach girls to uncover their authenticity they gain the confidence to transform their thoughts, dreams and goals by making it happen and turning their ideas into reality. It's called Girl-Swag."



Praying for Your Future Husband

Will it really make a difference if you pray for your future husband … even before you’ve met him? There’s only one way to find out. Start praying! This book will encourage you to do just that and give you everything you need to get started.


A New Book from Israel
Our Holy Land !!

Hands Off! This May Be Love: God's Gift for Establishing Enduring Relationships.

Gila Manolson

2015RubinDr. Rubin Cockrell, International Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur and Professor

"Failure is not an Option, Excuses are not Acceptable, and Excellence must be a way of Life".


table for 1 pleasetable for 1 please

"Set a table for God at the head and you find more joy, purpose and victory at table for 1"


Darice Michelle Thompson
Author, TV Host, and Motivational Speaker

Living-Holy-in-a-Sexy-WorldSingle Ladies: Living Holy in a Sexy World.

"I'd rather be with the right man at anytime than being with the wrong man at anytime. Wait on God's best. He loves you sooo much !"

Sonya Waddell


JLucyTyler_BookCoverfront-1101 Things to do Other than Have Sex, Hump, Bump, and Grind is designed to assist you in honoring God completely in your single state, and in your courtships. Think about it, there are many things you could be doing other than dishonoring one another and dishonoring God! This process and season of your life does not have to be draining or unbearable. It is what YOU make it!

Jennifer Lucy Inspires
"Through Him, we can Overcome Anything!"

Willing_to_WaitWilling to Wait by DeMonica D. Gladney

"Waiting is a necessary part of God's preparation process....If we wait for God to give us what we need, we will realize that what we really needed was what we always wanted"

Brides_Wearing_White_cover_pageBrides Wearing White

"It is heartwarming to discover Ingrid Wright and her wonderful VPAF program whereby purity and virtue in dating is passionately promoted"

Kathleene Runnels

JWbookTo All the Girls I've Loved Before God