Elohin Converted

Genre: Hip Hop/Rap/Christian
Album: “Converted the Biography”
Label: A-1 Entertainment LLC.
Website: www.facebook.com/elohinfanpage
Label website: www.a1musicgroup.com

What’s going on everybody? I go by the name of Elohin (pronounced El-o-in); a Christian Rap Artist/ COO of A-1 Entertainment in Detroit, Michigan.

My job is not to judge but to challenge, encourage and inform you about saving yourself for marriage. I feel one of the most important lessons that scripture teaches us is sexual purity. Intercourse is something that should only take place between a man and a women who are married to each other. Trust me, I know the pressure that our culture puts on us to have sex. Commercials promote sex, music promotes sex, movies promotes sex, internet promotes sex, even clothing promotes and stimulates sexual desires.

Before I met Christ I had sex with multiple females through out my teenage years and my early twenties and I thought nothing of it. It felt good, I was young and I just wanted to have fun.

Now , I’m in my late twenties, saved, married and unfortunately my actions have caused me to face the consequences of guilt, shame, hurt & lust that in some ways still affect me and my marriage today. Not only did I do damage to myself but I also did damage to the females that I was involved with. It’s not cool to be used by the enemy to make somebody else sin. Even though God forgave me for the sin I can never physically take back that moment, it’s gone forever. The thought of not sharing that special moment with my wife just disgust me and my wife, who feels the same about not waiting & not sharing that moment with her husband.

So many of us wonder why we are so messed up inside and a lot of it is because you have been sexually involved with someone and you now have a sinful soul tie with that person or persons. Not only that, but you put yourself at risk for having children out of wed lock or catching STD’s. The only way to be delivered from these things is through repentance and the blood of Jesus Christ.

The last thing I want to discuss is clothing. Ladies I know that you like looking good, but look good modestly. You don’t need to show off your body to look good. Let’s just be honest. Alot of the outfits on the market are not made so you can look cute, they are made to draw the attention and sexual desires from men. If you think I’m crazy look at the less modest women’s clothing that are sold in stores. The areas that are revealing are the areas that attract a man the most, like the chest or hip area, or the inner thigh area. You have the freedom to wear what you want , but the question is why would you want to wear something that will cause a man to sin and sexually lust after you. Don’t get me wrong, as men we have the responsibility to control our thoughts & eyes but it doesn’t help when women put it all on display.

Think about this, in (Mathew 5:27,28) Jesus said it is considered adultery to lust in your heart for a man or women. In your heart means to think about, imagine or have a desire to have sex with someone that you are not married to. A lot of people think not to lust means to not be attracted to the opposite sex. We are suppose to be attracted to the opposite sex because that’s how God made us , but attraction does not require thought. When you look at someone you already know if they are attractive without even thinking about it. The after thoughts about that person is where the lust comes in.

I want to end by encouraging everyone reading this to use discernment. People would be a lot less tempted to have sex before marriage if they would keep themselves out of tempting situations. If you live with your boyfriend or girl friend; get married or move out. If there is a certain person you are strongly attracted to, don’t be alone with them. Don’t engage in foreplay because it will only lead to lustful thoughts and eventually sex. Take it from me everybody, a moment of pleasure is not worth a life of regret. The wait is worth it!