From Virgin to First Lady

When God plans a relationship neither time nor distance can prevent His destined purpose. The sanctity of marriage lies in the purity of two hearts becoming one. – Patrick Horton Jr.

Patrick and Anastasia are both virgins from two different states, North Carolina and Florida. Both are saved and filled with the Holy Ghost and grew up with the desire and dream of one day being married to their soul mate. Anastasia lived by the motto God first, education second, and husband last. Their dreams began a journey to reality when their paths crossed in early 2010. When they were introduced, they both came to know that Anastasia had knowledge of one of Patrick’s relatives. Patrick began his conversation with Anastasia in the form of a question asking, “So you know my Aunt Jeannie, huh?” Upon which Anastasia replied, “Yes, I know your aunt Jeannie, we were in a wedding together, she is my sister-in-law’s close friend.” To say the least, they were both very surprised. A month passed and after seeking God for conformation, Patrick began to pursue this beautiful young lady. For a whole month, he pursued only to receive no response. After a disappointing month wondering if the woman he had sought for was not really meant for him, he gathered his thoughts for one last time. He knew what God had promised and was holding Him to his word. Not knowing that over 1000 miles away in Miami Florida Anastasia was praying. She asked God, if this was not her husband then take away all means of communication between the two of them. Patrick gave it one last shot to get her attention. This final attempt would prove to be the confirmation that they would need to continue in this relationship. Both had never dated nor experienced a real relationship. This would be their first experience.

Even though distance would prevent them from seeing each other regularly, they both felt the divine providence of God and decided to take it a step further. After flights from North Carolina to Miami and Miami to North Carolina for family gatherings,  holiday and the meeting of each others parents, Patrick began to see clearly what his next step would be. On the night of February 12, 2011, Patrick asked Anastasia to become his wife. SHE SAID YES!!!!!!! They are now preparing for their big day to officially, become one both physically and spiritually!